#MURSDInspires March 2018 PD Day has ended
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This Participant-Driven PD Day has a wide variety of options for MURSD educators to explore new ideas, collaborate with colleagues and learn from one another.

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Friday, March 9


8:00am EST

8:15am EST

Session 1: CPR/AED and First Aid Re-certification Nipmuc CafeteriaPatrick Allen • Steve DellaRovere Session 1 TBA Session 4: P.E. Site Visit (Elementary) Off-SiteDan Hayes • Chrissy Horn Session 1: Mathematical Mindset by Jo Boaler (book study) (Open to All) Nipmuc LibraryAly Cullen Session 1-2: Grade 4 Math-Alignment to Standards Memorial ESGail Brown Session 1-2: Miscoe Scheduling Committee Nipmuc PDCPaul Schwab Session 1-2: Social Studies Draft Frameworks MiscoeJimmy Charest • Brendon Rosenau Session 1-2: Behavior Plans in the Classroom MiscoeMarabeth Ishler Session 1-2: Clough 3rd Grade Timeline Project CloughKami Ellis • Kathy Hack • Amy Naples Session 1-2: Curriculum Work Nipmuc LibrarySusan Bertram Session 1-2: Grade 6 Science Curriculum NipmucBetsy Lambert • Dan Rogers Session 1-2: Research on the SMART program for Executive Functioning MiscoeAnn Raposa Session 1-3: PE (Elementary) Professional Goals CloughDan Hayes Session 1-3: PE (Elementary) Professional Goals-Memorial Memorial ESChrissy Horn Session 1: Student Agency in the High School ELA Classroom Nipmuc G218Melisa Kinkela Session 1-3: Introduction to Robotics with Programming- (Open to All) Nipmuc G306Bruce Bisbee Session 1-4: Adjustment Counselor Coordination Nipmuc Counseling OfficeKerry Fagan • Jennifer Grant Session 1-4: Clough Tier 2 and Tier 3 Data Collection, Assessment, and Targeted Intervention CloughTricia Chapman • Rebecca Cotter • Christy Hopkins • Carol Sullivan Session 1-4: ELL Coordinated Program Review Assessment Nipmuc 230Kelly Blain • Debby Coyle Session 1-4: Kindergarten Curriculum Mapping Review Memorial ESMichele McDonald Session 1-4: PreK Curriculum and Communication Memorial ESJennifer Ramsdell Session 1-4: RTI and Small Group Instruction: Best Practices Memorial ESCheryl Creighton Session 1, 2, 4: 7th Grade Parade of Countries/Field Trip Nipmuc 137Bob Clark • Kathy Rhodes Session 1-4: 3rd Grade Data Analysis Memorial ESLIMITEDAmy Henderson • Olivia Hendricks • Kim Lopes • Jan Maglione • Mindy Martin Session 1-4: Authentic Tasks for Math Students (HS) Nipmuc G314Amy Gilchrist Session 1-4: Engineering Day 2018 Revisions MiscoeAlex Conant • Laurie Holloway Session 1-4: ES Technology Curriculum Work Memorial ESKati Dunton • Katie Jordan Session 1-4: Grade 1 Math Assessment (Memorial) Memorial ESDawn Lehman • Nancy Lopes • Larissa Olaso • Melonie Washburn Session 1-4: Grade 5 Co-Teaching Collaboration MiscoeKelly Brown • Rob MacMurray • Casey Rhodes Session 1-4: Grade 5 ELA Atlas Rubicon MiscoeHeather Langdon Session 1-4: Grade 8 ELA Curriculum Planning and Collaboration MiscoeCarla Joyce • Paula Sheehan Session 1-4: History Curriculum Development, AP rubric, New Course Development Nipmuc B339Andy King Session 1-4: Media and Technology Curriculum Mapping MiscoeKaren Arnold • Beth Gervais Session 1-4: SLP Collaboration and ASHA CEU Webinars Nipmuc 137Tina Ariel • Amanda Farley • Barbara Hendricks Session 1-4: Social Thinking Curriculum Development (HS) Nipmuc Counseling OfficeKerry Fagan • Barbara Hendricks Session 1-4: Spanish Immersion Nipmuc 241Katie Cardamone Session 1-4: Strategies Lab Nipmuc G214Lori Beaudoin • Bruce Bisbee • Meagan Brazil-Sheehan • CJ Williams Session 1-4: Writing Collaboration Memorial ESKatie Cardamone • Alyssa Couture • Katie Nieviera • Kathleen Perry Session1-4: Nipmuc Science Curriculum Workshop Nipmuc G122Jen Field Session 1-4: Curriculum/SMART Goal Review Nipmuc G219Courtney Henry Session 1-4: ELA 11H Course Design Nipmuc G216Chris Evans Session 1-4: HS World Language Curriculum Work Nipmuc B236Lauren Blackburn Session 1-4: Independent Reading Portfolio Redesign Nipmuc G217Heather O'Donnell Session 1-4: MCAS Alt CloughDenise DeRosa Session 1-4: Memorial Intervention and Assessment Review Memorial ESKristen Poisson Session 1-4: Explore PBIS Site Visit Off-SiteStefani Hicks Session 1-4: Music Dept Site Visit to Westborough Off-SiteSimon Harding Session 1-4: Off-Site College Visit Off-SiteMeredith Hefez • Kendra Swenson • Allison Towne Session 1-4: School Visit (ELA-Grade 3-4) Off-SiteKristen Berthao • Marie Brigham • Linda Cote Session 1-4: School Visit to Observe Art Educator Off-SiteAlice Gentili Session 1-4: School Visit to Stacy Middle School (Milford) for Art Off-SiteJonathan Hansen Session 1-4: Site Visit to observe TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) Off-SiteJess Fowler • Chelsea Greene Session 1-4: Site Visit to Sizer School (Health) Off-SiteSara Higgins Session 1-4: Transition from High School to Adult Services Nipmuc B135Kathleen Deschenes

9:00am EST

9:45am EST

11:00am EST

11:15am EST

11:45am EST

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